Friday, September 16, 2005

Fap7 Paper Accepted

After several months of waiting, each day checking the MCB author's website, only to read the words "in review" or "decision pending", and then spend the rest of the day speaking in mumbled gripes, we are proud to announce that Sander and Madhu's Fap7 paper has been accepted for publication.

The seventh Freaking annoying protein (Fap7) had been little studied before Sander got his hot little hands on it. Through a series of experiments utilizing biochemical, genetic, and cell biological techniques, he and Madhu have shown that this protein is, indeed, freaking annoying. However, Sander has now shown that it is not only freaking annoying, but also frequently annoying.

Initially, the reviewers' comments were not good. "But that's nothing new!" they spat. "It was named for its excessively annoying behavior in vivo and in vitro. To be suitable for publication in this fine journal, your paper must provide indisputable evidence that Fap7 has cause to act in an annoying manner." With a few carefully worded rebuttals and an extra experiment or two, Sander has successfully pled his case. It will be listed on our Publications page as soon as the webmaster gets around to it.

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