Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Congratulations to Susan for receiving the ASBMB William C. Rose Award !!!

Congratulations to Susan for receiving the ASBMB William C. Rose Award !!!

Here is a picture at the ASBMB Meeting 2016:

From left to right:
Peter Glazer, Francis Collins, Susan Baserga, Sam Sondalle, and Katie Farley

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Emily, you will be missed!

We have had our farewell lunch with Emily at Miya's. Today is her last day in lab. It's very very sad :(. We wish you the best of luck! We will all miss you, Dr. Special Snowflake!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Basergonians are athletic!?

Look at Nathan go!

The Baserga lab went for duckpin bowling! And apparently we're pretty good at duckpin bowling! Now we have a lab sport!

Apparently Emily did pretty good on this round!

Look at me pretending to be a bowling expert!

The Charette-Boudreau family!


Tallying score! (Even more concentrated than doing science :P)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Basergan Warrior

Because Susan insisted, I am going to blog this (The fearless leader has spoken!).

Vincent (aka me) just recently participated in the Warrior Dash, which is basically 3.1-mile run + obstacle course. This course involves climbing over walls (the one on the upper right corner wearing a white shirt is me):

And jumping over fire hurdles (+ other obstacles):

And everyone who finished the course got a t-shirt, a helmet and a medal:

This is just to show that Basergonians are all physically active! And now we have a warrior (*pointing at myself*) too!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bower-Phipps Wedding

Kat and Laura just got married! Yay!!!!!!!

I am so happy for the two of you!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Emily's and Kat's (the older) Hooding Ceremony!

Dr. Emily Freed (aka Dr. Special Snowflake) and Dr. Kat Bower-Phipps were graduating! In honor of their graduation, we had a hooding ceremony at the Rose Garden!

Congratulations, Emily and Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Basergonians Assemble!

Because of the Biology Alumni Conference, some former Baserga lab members traveled back to the Elm City and had a little reunion at...*surprise*....Miya's!

*Sorry to have cut Mike's face off the photo :-/

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Synchronized Cell Resuspension

I have been trying to prep this protein three times and all have failed. Emily and Kat (the younger) decided to help with the cell resuspension to speed up my protein prep process!

Thank you, Emily and Kat! You are awesome labmates!

P.S. This is my first Baserga Lab blog post. Woot!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dry ice day

Kat (the older) needed to cool down her water bath. Fast. Kat (the younger) obliged by adding dry ice to the boiling water. Although a few days after Halloween, the Baserga lab celebrated spookiness in its own way. Luckily, the webmistress caught it on film.

Note to Emily: you are one of the smartest scientists in the lab. I sincerely apologize for any comments that indicate I think otherwise.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

YDN also features male Baserga lab member!

As the most athletic member of the lab (sorry Laura D, Sam runs way more miles in cross country than you do in volleyball each week), Sam Lynch was featured in a photo in a Yale Daily News article about the Eli's performance at the Ivy League Heptagonal Championships. Although the team didn't do as well as we'd hoped, we're still extremely proud of our minion - I mean undergrad - Sam.

Baserga lab women featured in YDN

Three Baserga Lab women were featured today in an article published today in the Yale Daily News. Although the article missed a crucial detail that women and other minorities in the sciences (or any other field, for that matter) want EQUITY instead of EQUALITY (because what girl wants to use a urinal), the article did make a point that most universities have a long way to go to retain female faculty. Check out the pictures of Emily, Susan, and Kat (the older). Don't be fooled by the seemingly disorganized papers in Susan's office - she knows where everything is, so DON'T move her piles.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Accolades rain on Franziska

Kudos are in order for Dr. Bleichert, the recipient of yet two other awards: an extremely prestigious Stanford Founders Biochemistry Prize, as well as a Miller Fellowship.

Although the Baserga lab snack drawer is significantly lower in German chocolate content, we're extremely proud of our most recent alum. Congratulations, Franziska!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Franziska Succesfully Defends her Thesis

On a sunny day in April, Franziska gave her last talk as a Yale Graduate Student. The current star of the Basergas gave a well-received thesis defense to an audience delighted to hear of her success. By special request from the diva-of-the-day herself, the champagne was accompanied by an Ashley's ice cream cake.

Congratulations, Franziska!

Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?

Emily and Laura's bay got a little more crowded this winter with the addition of a visiting undergrad from Peru. Victor Torres gave up his sunny summer vacation in America del Sud for in stint in the chilly northern hemisphere.

While here, Victor helped Emily with one of her side projects in the lab: genetically engineering yeast to produce Alpaca fiber.

"I've been working on this for over a year with no results," Emily said, "But Victor's been able to do in two months what the Scientific Funding Agencies said was impossible!"

He was so successful, that the yeast even started to look like mini-Alpacas. As parting gifts, Victor graced Susan and Emily with Alpaca-made tokens.

We'll miss you, Victor!

Friday, February 05, 2010

No penguin genome? No problem!

After Franziska's recent success in publishing on a thermophilic archaeon, Emily decided that she, too, needed to be extreme in her quest for a scientific breakthrough. Thus began her journey to Antarctica to find a cryophile in which to study ribosome biogenesis. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful in convincing the Chilean Army's "science station" base to let her return with biological samples. But she did bring back some great baby penguin pictures!

(And when you see her, you should ask her to do her penguin walk imitation!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Franziska makes good snack better!

The Baserga lab snack drawer is usually stocked with pretzels, chocolate, and other savory delights. However, until recently we had been unsatisfied with our choice of healthy carbohydrate options. We'd tried Triscuits, Ritz crackers, Goldfish, and numerous other "multi-grain snack cracker" type foods. However, none seemed to fit the bill. As the holder of the greatest prowess in genetic manipulation, Franziska set out to design a "Super Cracker." Really, what we wanted was a snack that "walked" so readily into our mouths, we wouldn't have to waste any extra time between experiments. After unveiling the structure Franziska used to solve our snacking dilemma, it was quickly snapped up for publication. The Yale publicity office immediately came over to interview Susan.

“It looks like a wheat thin with feet,” Susan said. “When you can discern structure, you can often figure out function.” And in this case, the function is making our tummies happy.

Check out the Yale Office of Public Affairs' story on the story here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erica's papers come out

After a few months of arm-wrestling the reviewers, both of Erica's papers generated from her thesis work were published. In addition to the arm-wrestling, she completed other feats of strength needed to demonstrate intellectual superiority (including lab chores like autoclaving hundreds of liters of media, bench-pressing cases of latex gloves, and "walking over hot coals", simulated by broken lab glassware that had P-32 drizzled over it).

You can catch your own glimpse of the papers here and here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New lab mascot!

Last month the Baserga lab got a new mascot. Phoebe came in for a few hours to say hello to everyone, and got pretty tired out playing with all her new best friends. Luckily, we have Sam's lap to serve as a suitable napping surface. No floor for this spoiled pup. Welcome to the Basergas, Phoebe!

Monday, February 09, 2009

A late Champion update

Erica A. Champion successfully defended her thesis Friday July 18th, 2008. Attended by an audience of near 100 persons, Erica showcased her Utp6 protein with a tip of her half-a-tetratricopeptide repeat (HAT). After stunning her committee with her results and impeccable presentation skills, Erica, her parents, the lab, and her friends enjoyed some potent potables with noted notables, including her former advisers Chandler Fulton and Elaine Lai, pictured below.

We're all proud of you, Erica!

(and we hope you'll come back often to help us with the crosswords and oreo consumption)

Freezin' for a Reason

David Dunbar, alumnus of the Baserga lab, has taken the plunge! David chose to help raise money for Eastern Pennsylvania Special Olympics by wearing nothing but his bathing suit in the frigid Delaware River. Read more about what this Cabrini College professor did here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bennett sees the forest through the trees

This summer, the Baserga lab mourns the loss of their undergraduate, Bennett.

"But now who will trouble shoot my protein purifications!" Emily cried.

The department of MB&B was immensely pleased with his progress while here, especially his work on saving the rainforest, one bonsai tree at a time. For this, he was awarded the prestigious Paul Siegler Memorial Prize, and given a token to wear during the commencement ceremonies (see pictures below).

Bennett now continues on to a more illustrious career in Boston, evaluating the economic and environmental impact of picking up peanut shells from the Green Monster after Red Sox games and feeding them to free-range swine.

Christmas in July

Emptying out old pictures from the lab camera, Emily and Kat hit the jackpot.

What do the Basergas do on a snow day in lab? Well, Franziska works harder because the roads aren't safe to drive home on, Erica bugs Bennett for more slave labor - I mean data, Laura works with radioactivity, Neal doesn't come in because he's shoveling his driveway, Mike tends to his family, and the youngest members? Well, they just play. Outside. Because Kat didn't have a snowy childhood in Florida.

Below are pictures of the snow person Kat, Kara, and Emily created, as well as the snow yeast, made especially for the Baserga lab, by the Baserga lab.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Definition of a biochemist

(lifted from The Daily Transcript, Taxonomy of the Sciences)

Biochemist: Basically biochemists play with proteins. Usually this involves fancy machines that cost a ton of money. Proteins are subjected to centrifugation, electrophoresis, fast protein liquid chromatography, gel exclusion chromatography .... Incidentally these techniques are just sophisticated ways of pushing and shoving proteins around. If enough proteins clump together, biochemists get excited and call the clump a complex. If the complex is really big, the biochemist will call it the somethingosome. If you ask a biochemist to show you pretty data, he/she'll show you his/her bands. Biochemists kill cells for their precious bodily fluids.(author: The Daily Transcript)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ribosome slogans

Because So Much Is Riding On Your Ribosomes.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator, for all your slogan needs. Get more ribosomes slogans.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Laura "Kamikaze" Dutca spikes again!

In an effort to increase fitness in the lab, Neal, Kat and Laura have joined a rec league indoor volleyball team. Little did we know that Laura would be stealing the show from the rest of the team. Diving, spiking, and serving to beat the band (yes, there's a pep band she hired just to cheer her on), each game Laura displays super-human athletic abilities. And now we know we definitely have grounds to push for a C-wing summer sports league.

Go Team Baserga!

(and not just on weboggle)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Neal's photo shoot

Since having his offer accepted to buy a house, Neal's been feeling like a movie star. Although he hasn't even closed on the property yet, he's been giving autographs and posing for pictures in front of anything that even remotely resembles a home. Small cottages, condos, cardboard boxes that get delivered to the lab...

Recently we caught him in a nicer looking sweater than usual, and decided to try our luck.

At first, he was ok with the photo shoot.

By the second take, he got a little bored.

Then he got really... um... strange.
(Ask Emily - she's looking on worriedly from the background)

We decided that we'd rather not have that many pictures of Neal, and that we should instead send him on vacation. But not until he made us more plates.

Erica re-learns Northern Blots

After completing nearly 6 years of graduate work, Erica has decided she should start running Northern blots. ("Again!", she adds.) While her project has been mainly concerned with protein-protein interactions, her committee members decreed that since she works in an RNA lab ("Technically!", Erica interjects), there should be more Northern blots in her thesis.

Unfortunately, as it's been more than 4 years since she ran her last Northern, Erica found she had a little trouble pouring such a large gel.

"You mean I have to pour it into the gel tray? Not right into the buffer circulation tank?"

Better luck next time, Miss Champion.
Don't worry, you still don't have to give RNA seminar.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mike wins a poster prize!

Recently at the MB&B departmental retreat, J. Michael Charette represented the Baserga laboratory and took home second place in the post-doc poster contest! Instead of taking a life size representation of himself as Kat suggested, he decided instead to make a graphically stunning presentation of the massive amounts of work he did in August - a record 4500 western blots! These blots were represented in small figures 1 cm x 1cm in various color shades to form a magic eye image of a euglena - an organism that Mike's had a soft spot for (and I don't mean chloroplast) since his lowly graduate school days.

Congratulations Mike!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Funny things that happened today:

  • Kat called Kara "trash".
  • Emily got asked out by the burrito cart guy (who wears hot pants). And he said goodbye by kissing her on the cheek.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rememberance of days past

Our more avid readers may have noticed a change in the decor at the Baserga Lab. (If not, scroll up to the pretty chromatin spread. Isn't it pretty? It took about 5 hours to make; it had better be pretty!) Besides the website decor, many more changes have been made:

  • We have four new lab members! Their pictures can be found here. Perhaps we'll also introduce them in forthcoming blog entries.

  • Our blog (news) and publications are now hosted by Blogspot. This is because Yale Med now allows web publishing only from Yale Med IPs. It's dumb, I know.

  • You can no longer comment on our posts. Sorry. It was too much of a hassle to code, and we weren't getting many comments anyway. If you have something to say, you know our emails.

  • We're planning to update the lab tour. Don't rush us.

But oh, how times have changed! Remember our first look?

The very talented Jonathan Bernstein made that site. That was back when we looked like this:

Then we changed to that minty green:

And we took group photos at the RNA meeting:

And when Madhu left everyone was sad:

Ah, the good old days. We can only hope the future will hold even better times.

For further nostalgia, read the news archives! (Links are up there in the right-side menu.)

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Push-Up Game

We invite our readers to try the newly invented sport (but soon-to-be party game sensation): The Push-Up Game. (Note: It has nothing to do with bras. . . . Except that it helps to wear one while participating.)

The Play:
Competitors stand at a fixed distance from the wall (or lab bench, file cabinet, lab tech, whatever you have lying around that will stay put). Players let themselves fall toward the wall, and catch themselves before they hit the wall. You can decide whether they can use both arms or only one arm to catch themselves. A player is disqualified if any part of her face touches the wall-- no broken noses allowed! Next, players push off from the wall and try to stand up again. If they have to take a step, they lose.

See the video. (Really, you'll want to see this.)
Or, opt for still photos. (Almost as good.)

How to win:
Competitors repeat play, gradually adding distance from the wall as they go. The first person to take a step loses.

The prize:
Upper body soreness for the next 24-36 hours. And a cookie!

The emerging sport has been submitted to the IOC for inclusion in the 2008 Bejing summer games.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kat's still not famous...

...but her brother is! Read the latest about Kat's remarkable brother and his illustrious pursuits, and realize why she felt overshadowed during most of her childhood.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Poser post-doc becomes actual post-doc

Michael "Cap'n Hubert Sharkbait" Charette has been posing as a post-doc in the Baserga lab for several months now, but only recently has he actually earned his credentials. According to the Dalhousie News, the Cap'n and his wench donned their ship's colors to collect their PhD booty just this weekend.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Erica dated to the Jurassic period

In a conciliatory gesture demonstrating that Erica, as the most senior member of the Baserga lab, may have indeed lost touch with the changing dynamic of C114, Erica has allowed Kat to post to the Baserga Lab website. As part of Erica's penance for holding on to a moderator monopoly, she has been banished to doing public service categorizing boxes of dead reptiles held in storage at the Peabody museum. While she claims to have volunteered for this post herself, the arrival of her parole officer Monday morning to make sure that she attended her first session spoke to the contrary. The Baserga lab eagerly awaits her return with some promised "dinosaur BBQ" as a peace offering.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Franziska referred to by her last name

Because of her acute geniousity, Franziska has been interviewed as a feature in B Magazine. (See Vol. 8, Issue 1, page 7.) This is the first taste of stardom for Franziska, who has never before been referred to primarily by her last name. Since publication, she has begun to feel the effects of the limelight, insisting on only European chocolate in the candy drawer. (Apparently one bad kiss can spoil the bunch.)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Kat gets even with Bennett

Not to be outdone by an undergrad (see previous entry), Kat writes, submits, and wins an NSF grant, all in one (business) week. "I'm thrilled about it," she says upon hearing of the reward. "I would have been really bummed if I had spent those four days writing a grant that didn't even get funded. What a waste of time that would have been!" She celebrated by sticking her tongue out at Bennett.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bennett wins the lottery

As reported in the Yale Daily News, Bennett has won $750,000 in the Yale Undergraduate Lottery. Open only to undergraduates, this isn't your typical "Pick 5" lottery, but entry requires a research proposal, an exceptional GPA, piles of professorial accolates, and a posthumous "A-OK" from Barry Goldwater. The money will be used to fund his research on elitist sports cars.