Friday, September 02, 2005

Autoantibodies and Autoantibodies

We are proud to announce that our masterpiece, our seminal work, our magnum opus, will be published by the end of October. This piece, entitled War and Peace: The Autoantibodies Version, is a comprehensive summary of, and verily defines the vast quantities of research done involving autoantibodies and autoimmune diseases.

As the most important chapter in the book Autoantibodies and Autoantibodies (left), War and Peace: The Autoantibodies Version, chapter 17, is available for a mere 199 Euros (~249.51 USD).

Note: this price is roughly (+/-1E) equal to the honorarium we have been promised--but have not yet received-- as compensation for this pastiche. However, our generous publishers have offered us a special author's discount, due to our ingenuity, of %30 off the cover price, with an additional %12 off if we order 10 or more copies, or %20 off of 50 or more copies.

Place your orders now.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Hi Erica

A&A should be published in Feb of 2006 - see here

But when you will get the 200 Euros is anyone's guess. When I will paid is gesswork as well!

And yes, your chapter is excellent.

Mike Pollard