Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kara aims higher (at skyscrapers)

On the eve of her third wedding anniversary, Kara successfully defended her thesis, entitled "Human cloning: An ethically depraved exercise in elevated self-esteem." Her presentation demonstrated how she spent her first four years in the lab working to clone herself, so that she (and her clone) could get more work done. During her final year in the lab, she took advantage of this double efficiency to perform experiments in two labs at the same time.

"It was very helpful," Kara says, "to be able to send Kara-2 to New York for the elutriation experiments, while I stayed here and did some 35-S labeling." The lab agreed that Kara-2 helped Kara-1 complete an unprecedented amount of work, and asked to keep the clone. Unfortunately, Kara decided to take the clone with her to her post-doc position in New York. It seems Kara-2 has a penchant for 5th Avenue.

The Baserga lab will miss Kara-1, and hopes she'll come back to visit often.

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