Friday, February 18, 2005

The Return of Jen

Jen announces that she misses the snow too much, and simply can't stand the darn California sunshine any longer, so she's moving back, and she wants her bench back from Franziska, pronto. Fortunately for Franziska, six days in Connecticut is all Jen needs to convince herself that warm weather isn't so bad, and she vacates the coveted bench shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Kara is so alarmed by Jen's return that she starts looking for retirement homes in Florida. Erica flees a bit farther, to London, to share her results with the appropriate labs. Sander makes it the farthest, going to the Netherlands, where he is coerced into combing his hair and putting on a clean shirt in order to impress his extended family. Needless to say, he returns to the states days later.

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